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 All bottles are handmade and manually inspected to ensure continuous quality 
In order to make the BRUM bottle, we have tweaked a lot of production processes. The cutting and polishing of the bottles, the priming and finishing of the wood and even the pressing of the parts all take place outside of existing production conventions. To guarantee quality all bottles are individually handmade and inspected manually. ﷯ The cutting: The bottles are cut lengthwise which causes some problems as glass is an extremely brittle material by nature. To compensate for this we cut in a controlled way with saw blades that are traditionally used in the gemstone and crystal industry. Working with the glass this way ensures each bottle is perfect for our purpose. The wood: Using small boards in comparison to the larger, traditional barrels that require burning via the traditional method would not be suitable for our end product. Instead we devised a new system of heating, roasting and burning to give the wood its unique flavor.